Fender Stratocaster (’62) Re-issue SSS

Fender Stratocaster ('07) Custom Quilted Maple SSH

Fender Stratocaster (’84) Japanese “Fujigen” Squire SSH

Fender Stratocaster ('14) Custom SSH

PRS ('05) McCarty Single Cutaway (Custom)

PRS ('05) Hollowbody II (Custom)

Jackson ('90) SSH

Jackson ('90) SSH

Fender Telecaster ('13) Custom

Merida "Diana" 6 string acoustic/electric

Ovation Adamas acoustic/electric


Amps and Cabinets

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister

Marshall (Dual Channel)

Hughes and Kettner Switchblade ( MIDI Controllable)

Fender Bassman 100 (70’s silverface)

Vox - Brian May Signature Model

Bob Bradshaw Line Out Box


Assorted 4x12 and 2x12 cabinets



Analog Alien - "Rumble Seat"

Fulltone II

Xotic EP Booster

Boss Super Distortion

Boss Stereo Chorus

Boss Digital Delay

Boss Noise Supressor

Boss Chromatic tuner

Boss Flanger

Dunlop “Crybaby” Wah pedal 535Q

Dunlop “Mini-Crybaby” Wah pedal

MXR Phase 90

Heil Talk Box

Alesis Quadraverb



MusicMan Sting Ray Custom (Hipshot tuner – 4 string)

MusicMan Sting Ray (Hipshot tuner – 4 string)

Ibanez "Tony Montana" Custom Shop

Ibanez SDGR "Mista Bone" Custom Shop (handpainted by "Pamelina")

Peavey “Rudy Sarzo” model (5 string)

Dean Bass (4 string)


Vocal, Monitor and Mic Equipment

Shure Beta 58

Shure 57

Electrovoice EV90 (2)

Neumann TLM

Shure In-ear system

Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors


Software and Computer

ProTools LE

Mbox Audio Interface


Waves Bundle

M-Audio MIDI Keyboard

Amplitube Fender

Amplitube Metal

Amplitube Standard